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Strawberry has higher levels flavonoids used for “purifying the blood”, stimulating metabolism and supporting natural weight loss. It is source of vitamin C (ascorbate) and manganese.

Strawberry Powder


    • High levels of heart-healthy antioxidants
    • Prevents acne and removes dead skin cells
    • Protects against ultraviolet radiation
    • prevent eye conditions like macular degeneration
    • Reduces hypertension
    • Fights cancer, tumor growth and metastasis of cancer cells
    • Boosts immunity
    • Treats arthritis & gout
    • Boosts brain function, improving cognitive function
    • Boosts the production of fat-burning hormones
    • Reduces the formation of blood clots linked with stroke
    • Boosts digestion and prevent constipation
    • Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes
    • Helps battle hair loss and prevents dandruff
    • Helps improving bone health
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