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They are juicy and delicious fruits that belong to the genus Prunus of the Rosaceae family which also includes peaches, apricots, and nectarines. They exist in diverse colors and shapes with over 2000 different varieties. They are small deciduous trees which grow to a height of about 10-15 meters and bear fruits with different characteristics based on the country of origin. They are drupes or stone fruits with a smooth pit and a crease running down on one side. They contain juicy pulp varying from creamy yellow to crimson red. The color of the outer skin may vary considerably from yellow or dark red to purple or black. Plums contain an assortment of healthy components, vitamins, and minerals. They are an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), folate, and vitamin K (phylloquinone). They are also a good source of vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B-6, and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). The minerals present in them include potassium, fluoride, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc. They also supply dietary fiberand offer very low calories without any harmful fats.

Plum Powder


    • Has antioxidant qualities that helps preventing the damage caused by oxygen radicals
    • Treats obesity and other complications associated with obesity
    • Helps in combating diabetes by reducing blood glucose and enhancing insulin sensitivity in the body
    • Aids in maintaining healthy bones
    • Good source of dietary fiber, which helps regulating the digestive system
    • Provides protection against age-related cognitive impairment
    • Helps in the transmission of nerve signals and aids the functioning of the nervous system
    • Helps in the prevention of various cardiac disorders
    • Regulates Cholesterol Levels

    • Assists in the formation of red blood cells and facilitate blood purification and healthy circulation

    • Helps in reducing anxiety

    • Helps in inhibiting the growth and proliferation of cancer cells

    • Maintains a healthy, radiant and youthful skin

    • Prevents age-related macular degeneration and protect against UV rays

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