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Oranges are the most popular citrus fruit, thanks to its juicy taste and high concentration of Vitamins and health boosting compounds. With surprisingly delicious flavor, oragnes are high in Vitamin C (ascorbate) that promotes healthy immune system, prevents skin damage, keeps blood pressure under check, lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar level. Oranges are widely used in aromatherapy, can be made in juices and more, making it a versatile fruit.

Orange Powder


    • Improves Vision 
    • contributes to maintaining healthy eyes
    • Enhances Sexual Performance
    • Prevents Constipation 
    • Bolsters The Immune System 
    • Improves Mood 
    • Promotes Dental Health 
    • Regulates Blood Pressure
    • Improves Skin Appearance
    • Protects The Heart​​​​​​
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