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Guava is one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits available to humankind. It is the kind of fruit you can eat for a snack and not feel guilty about. It is an exceptionally nutrient-dense fruit with various varieties. Guavas have sweet or tangy flavor and may be cooked to be turned into jams. Guava is not only delicious an healthy, but it is also one of the least chemically treated fruits and is as close to organically grown as a non organically grown fruit can be. Its chemical composition makes it highly beneficial in treating and preventing various diseases, especially skin related ones. Guavas are rich in minerals, vitamin C (ascorbate), and anti-oxidants, which can benefit the body in many ways. Guava is a tropical fruit, the calorie count is low, and the nutritional value is high.

Guava Powder Wholesale


    • Prevents Cancer 
    • Manages diabetes
    • Supports healthy eyes
    • Manages blood pressure
    • Supports healthy digestion
    • Improves immunity system
    • Supports thyroid health
    • Treats scurvy
    • Slows down aging process
    • Supports healthy metabolism
    • Treats diarrhea 
    • Helps with weight loss
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