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Bananas might have a history as old as time but we can only trace it back to 327 B.C., when Arab conquers brought them to the west from South-East Asia. This delicious fruit from India has numerous health benefits and was mass produced in 1834. Bananas can be used in numerous deserts and let’s not forget about the delicious milkshake they make. You can put them in pancakes or pudding and even in your cereal. They help you lose weight and keep your digestive and cardiovascular system in check. They are not just good for your physical health but also help you maintain your mental health. If you want to lead a well-rounded, happy healthy life, including bananas into your diet can be the first stem.

Banana Powder


    • Supports cardiovascular health
    • Promotes psychological health
    • Promotes weight loss
    • Good for digestive system
    • Helps boost energy
    • Promotes ocular health
    • Supports skeletal health
    • Helps prevent cancer
    • Helps boost immunity
    • Helps get rid of anemia
    • A good home remedy
    • Prevents ulcers
    • Eases morning sickness
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